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The issue of snoring today is not an uncommon thing. The reason for this is because many people in America today suffer from snoring one way or the other. The truth is that even if you are not a snorer yourself, you can always point out to your sleeping partner who snores loudly.

Snoring today has been attributed to be caused by a number of reasons, in which the well-known or the number one leading cause of which people can readily agree is one of the primary causes is the issue of stress. Research made have pointed out that about one-third American populace suffer from stress due to the normal daily works which they engage in or from causes relating to exercising stress.

As a result of the stress encountered during the day, it is not an uncommon sight to see people who make buzzing or rusty sounds as they sleep during the nighttime. While this might not really pose a problem for the snorer himself who might be dozing away peacefully, the sleeping partner would end up having an uncompleted sleep or a disturbed sleep which would show itself by the person's fatigues in the morning.

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While it is common that the snorers themselves might not really know that snore except they are told of their bed habit problems and even if they are told about their bed habits problem, it is a normal occurrence for them to deny the accusation. The problem is not with the snorers because they don't cause the snoring by themselves but the snoring is done unconsciously. Hence, there is a need for a disturbed partner to advise the snorer to acquire some stop snoring products , which can assist the snorers to reduce the snoring they make during bedtime.

There are two different type of snoring and the type of snoring the person makes can determine what type of aid he or she needs to reduce the snoring problem. There is the mild snoring, which is not really loud and sometimes the partner can have a peaceful sleep with the snorer if the person doesn't mind much and there is also the heavy snoring or chronic snoring which cannot give the sleeping partner the type of sleep that the person wants. Sometimes the heavy snoring could be as a result of the snorer having a sleep apnea problem.

There is a need for such a person to recognize the sleeping habit and report it to a doctor, this is because the sleep apnea could be dangerous and can lead to other serious medical problems if not treated for a long time. The sleep apnea which can be defined as the pause or shallow breathing is a serious problem for snorers as it can make the snorer come awake at night because the snorer loses a few seconds or in some serious cases few minutes of breathing during the sleep. The sleep apnea is associated with all ages but it is more common with the elderly.

There is a host of many ways of which the snoring and the sleep apnea can be reduced as the snoring does not have a recognized medical cure and so, it can only be reduced. There is a host of ways one could employ in the reduction of the sleep apnea and snoring. The most common ways of doing this are by the readjustment of the person sleeping pattern or modification of the person's lifestyle. Depending on the severity of the snoring, the person might likely snore as a result of the way that the person sleeps on the bed.

A common style of which people are likely to snore when they lie down is if they lie down on their sides when they sleep. Since snoring is caused by the relaxing of the throat and the falling backwards of the tongue, thereby creating a narrow breathing passage for the air to pass through thus creating a vibrating sound as the air pass through, so it is first necessary the person check his sleeping habit before he engages in the second treatment of snoring. .

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The second treatment is that the person should abstain from drugs and alcohol if he is a smoker or an alcoholic and he experiences snoring on a regular basis. The reason for this is that alcohol and smoking is a relaxant that can cause a narrowing of the throat even in the course of sleeping, thereby making the snorer produce the vibrating sound one would hear from a snorer.

After this criteria has been checked and it is found that the person is not an alcoholic or a smoker then the next thing is to use the anti-snoring devices, which work effectively in reducing snoring. There are the sleep well pro large adjustable stop snoring bands, the snore relief anti snore oral spray, the sleep pro advanced snore nose guard, the serenity sleep aid custom night mouth, the anti-snoring sprays and a many host of snoring aids which one can use to reduce the level of which he snores during the night.

The anti-snoring sprays are effective at reducing the snoring which one makes. The anti-snoring sprays come in a various variety of sprays and how this spray work is by aiming at the source of the snoring, which is the throat and attempt to widen it to allow a free passage of air when the person sleeps. The sprays come in either the oral or the nasal but it can also come in form of one spray both possessing the qualities of the nasal and the oral spray together.

The most common throat sprays include the doctor snore, snore zip, the nytol, the rhynil and a host of many other manufacturers. The doctor snore which is an anti-snoring oral spray possesses a unique mixture of oils which has been medicinally proven to be found relatively safe and effective for the reduction of snoring.

The anti-snoring spray works by loosening the throat tissues which in turn works to reduce the vibrating sound made by the throat, thereby preventing the patient from snoring too deeply. The best place for application of the oral spray is at the back of the throat where the snoring is said to form, doing this would prevent the snoring from forming at all.

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